Effective Cleaning and Maintaining Your Wood Shutters

The windows in your home are an integral part of your home's protective system, insulation system, and aesthetic value. Because windows serve numerous functions, it's necessary to have the right window coverings. By using Sunburst shutters in Southern California, you can enhance the appeal and functionality of your windows. Since window treatments are a significant investment, it's advisable to clean and maintain them properly. Use the following guidelines for this ongoing task.

Since wood is a fibrous and porous material, tiny particulates can accumulate on the surface of Orange County Shutters. This collection of dust, allergens, and debris can cause health problems for household occupants. It can also cause the condition of shutters to deteriorate over a period of time. For this reason, it's essential to remove these substances at least once a week. You can do it more often when there is an increased frequency of dust build-up. Using the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, carefully suction dust and debris. Move the tilt rod to change the position of the slats. Ensure that you vacuum both sides of each slat.

Once or twice a month, use wood polish to clean your wood shutters. Only use a small ladder or stepping stool on a flat surface. Turn each individual shutter until it's open with the slats in a horizontal position. Moisten a lint-free cloth with wood polish. Individually clean each slat. Move from one side to another holding the slat between your thumb and four fingers. After cleaning all slats, use another cloth to go over each slat. This will help dry the slats and remove excess dust. There can be cracks and crevices on shutters that are hard to reach. You can use a toothbrush to reach these places. Spray the wood polish onto the brush. In circular motions, clean the places where dirt and dust hide.

When cleaning your shutters, remember to practice safety. Read the manufacturer's instructions before performing any cleaning job. Know where the main parts of a shutter are located including the top rail, bottom rail, house hole, stile, tilt rob, and slats. This will help you understand the manufacturer's directions. Your shutters may have decorative features that make it necessary to use a special cleaning product. When you don't follow directions for cleaning shutters, you can risk staining and discoloration. To learn more about plantation shutters, visit Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions. This business offers Orange county shutters and blinds in addition to other window treatments.